Historic Building Recording

Creating a permanent record of a structure   What is Historic Building Recording? Historic Building Recording (HBR) is a piece of work is carried out to create a permanent record of a structure, often ahead of any material changes. This work is usually requested by a Local Planning Authority as a condition of development, although trusts and private owners would potentially commission it for their personal records. How is the Historic Building Recording done? The first stage is to define a level of recording, to comply with Historic England standards. Typically, these would be in line with level 1 to […]

Historic Building Assessment

Identifies historic character and informs preservation decision   What is a Historic Building Assessment? Historic Building Assessments (HBA) are usually carried out at early stages of projects to inform the design process and provide supporting evidence for planning applications. The assessment will address the standing structure to identify its historic character and significance. It should also identify any potential constraints relating to proposed material changes and determine whether there are any architectural elements of importance which should be preserved. How is a Historic Building Assessment done? The first stage is to conduct documentary and cartographic research, alongside a site visit […]