Michael Johnson

Mike Johnson joined L – P in 2014, leaving field work for a desk in the London office to work on GIS, database management, website implementation and linked data. He has been involved in commercial archaeology since graduating in 2008, and took a year out to complete an MSc in GIS. Mike has excavated and surveyed a wide variety of sites across the UK. He now works mainly on digital projects managing databases and building web access portals for archaeological data using L – P’s own Archaeological Recording Kit (ARK). Follow Mike on Twitter (@Humebug)

Dan Garner

Dan joined the L – P Chester office in 2014, bringing experience in both commercial and public sector archaeology. He has worked as an archaeologist in the North West for over 25 years since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in history and archaeology from King Alfred’s College, Winchester (University of Southampton). Dan has worked on major commercial projects across the North West, including directing and publishing archaeological fieldwork on one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the Northwest, at Manchester Airport’s Runway 2. In the public sector Dan has worked on projects with major elements of community outreach, which […]

Jessica Ogden

Jessica joined L – P in 2010, as part of the London office. As a Digital Specialist, she is responsible for the maintenance our ARK projects, in-house databases and GIS support to commercial projects. Jessica is an experienced Archaeological Geophysicist, who has published on large scale ground penetrating radar survey for archaeology, and the integration and visualisation of multi-parametric geophysical data. She has expertise in spatial recording techniques for the collection, management, and processing of archaeological data from sites across the Mediterranean, UK and the Southwestern United States. Jessica’s interests include Open Archaeology and the use of web technologies for […]

Cornelius Barton

Cornelius joined L – P in 2010, having worked on major sites in the UK and abroad. His diverse projects included the Heathrow Terminal 5 landscape project, excavation of the ancient city of Merv in Turkmenistan, and on the Fourth Cataract area prehistoric survey in Sudan. Cornelius has 20 years commercial archaeology experience, and is responsible for the management of fieldwork projects in the London and South East areas. He is particularly interested in rural prehistoric sites.

Blair Poole

Blair joined L – P in 2003 and is a Partner based in the Chester office. He has worked in archaeology since 1998, has both a BSc (Hons) and Masters in Archaeology from Liverpool University. Blair has on site project management experience of varying scale and type, from rural prehistoric sites to urban industrial sites. His specialist interests lie in British Prehistory and East Asian Prehistory. Blair works across the North West of England and North Wales on project design, desk based assessments, building survey and excavation work.

John Duffy

John joined L – P from the Field Team at Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service in 2008. He is the office manager for the East of England office and oversees all our projects in the region. He brings a wealth of planning knowledge to L – P, and is responsible for devising successful strategies for excavation and bringing projects to completion through efficient post excavation management. John has experience in both urban and rural excavations and survey and has led teams of field staff, students and volunteers on small and large scale projects. He is especially interested in the growth […]

Kelly Madigan

Kelly joined L – P : Archaeology in June 2009. For 7 years she worked in our London office and was primarily responsible for pre-planning Archaeological and Heritage Consultancy. In 2016 Kelly moved to Bristol to manage a new branch of L – P. Kelly is delighted to move back to her native South West where she can easily enjoy hiking and surfing when she isn’t working or pursuing her other interests in archaeology. Kelly has consulted on a variety projects including large scale housing developments in southern England and also new tower blocks, schools, hotels and stadia in London.This […]

Stuart Eve

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Guy Hunt

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