Chaz Morse’s Field Officer’s report for June and July 2008

Information about National Archaeology Week in July 2008, and the activities that will be taking place in conjunction with the Prescot Street dig.

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Gary discusses his weeks activities.

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Images from Tower Hamlets Local History and Archive Library of the Prescot Street site and South Tenter Street in 1941 after being destroyed during the Blitz

David Ross – his first week

Lorna and Lowell’s research through the census records for 2 – 8 South Tenter Street.

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Post-Medieval pits and stuff – and Anies’s film.

Field Officer’s report for 21st April 2008

Article by Gary regarding the drain leading into the horn-core pit.

Archive research into the inhabitants of South Tenter Street

This article is about Goodmans Fields Theatre, a famous and notoriously wild theatre opened in 1729 on the outskirts of the City of London.

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Photo diary for 4th April 2008

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Photo diary for the 3rd April 2008

Gary writes about his ongoing pit digging experiences

This is a first journal post from Greg Crees. He talks about the large circular feature he is excavating. It is certainly post medieval, but is it another soakaway…?

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Photo diary entry for 28th March and 31st March 2008.

This is the first post in the journal by site assistant Sara Clancy.

This article is the report for the week ending 28th March 2008, written by Field Officer Chaz Morse.

This is a short article covering what we know about South Tenter Street from documentary and archaeological sources.

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Photo diary entry for 27th March.

Lorna is looking at archive evidence for who lived in the houses at South Tenter Street and Prescot Street before they were destroyed in the Second World War.

This is a brief overview of the excavation strategy.

A first journal post from Fergal O’Donoghue about the soak away he is digging.

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Photo diary entry for 25th March 2008.

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Photo diary entry for 21st March 2008.

This journal entry by Ashley Pooley discusses the effects of the Blitz on the properties that stood at 4 – 6 South Tenter Street, that we have identified from the archaeological record.

Starting out on site and a few notes about the post medieval period on the site.

An article about the work being done at Prescot Street and how this fits into the planning process.

This article discusses the development of the Prescot Street site illustrated through documentary sources.

This article explains who we are. It explains first of all who L – P : Archaeology are and also a bit about the dig team itself.

Further information on excavations of the East London Roman Cemetery undertaken by other archaeological organisations.

This article is about the type of late Medieval leather shoe found during the evaluation in 2006.