Glossary defintition of metalling.

Will’s journal entry. A comparison to Shakespeare and some of the most interesting archaeology we have yet found.

2nd June 2008

14 Photos

20th May 2008

21 Photos

23rd April 2008

25 Photos

This is a short article covering what we know about South Tenter Street from documentary and archaeological sources.

This is a brief overview of the excavation strategy.

25th March 2008

12 Photos

Photo diary entry for 25th March 2008.

19th March 2008

5 Photos

Photos from the second days work at Prescot Street.

Starting out on site and a few notes about the post medieval period on the site.

An article about why it seems like people lived underground in the past. The article explains that people didn’t live underground, but that modern ground levels are much higher than in the past.