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Chaz Morse’s Field Officer’s report for June and July 2008

8th July 2008

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30th June 2008

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Liz’s latest journal entry for 17th June, about cremation burials, inhumation burials and the process of excavating them.

Filed Officers report for the period ending 22nd May 2008

A selection of working shots made on colour film and black and white negative for the primary archive

Primary Archive

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7th May 2008

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Article by Gary regarding the drain leading into the horn-core pit.

8th April 2008

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This article is the report for the week ending 28th March 2008, written by Field Officer Chaz Morse.

This is a brief overview of the excavation strategy.

A first journal post from Fergal O’Donoghue about the soak away he is digging.

Article about the primary findings of soak-aways in the northwest corner by Gary Webster.

This article provides an overview of the evidence from the Prescot Street evaluation undertaken by L – P : Archaeology in 2006.