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Guide to Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of archaeological services, these fall into the five main categories listed below:

If you are unsure about which services best suit your requirements, please read our brief guide to the planning process to see how our services can help you each step of the way.

Consultancy / Deskbased

L – P : Archaeology’s consultants and researchers offer sound independent advice to clients at any stage of a development project.


Our dedicated field team has experience in all aspects of field archaeology and provides seamless project management of any job from pre-excavation organisation, fieldwork to post-excavation analysis and discharge of planning conditions.


We have one of strongest teams of dedicated archaeological computer specialists in the UK (and possibly the world!). We provide a range of the most up to date digital products to suit commercial and academic projects. We maintain a strong emphasis on GIS and web based delivery of data.

Historic Buildings

L – P : Archaeology’s building division provides a high quality service, our experts will provide client friendly solutions for all historic building requirements.

Specialist Services

We provide CPD sessions for our clients as well as some services direct to other archaeologists in the capacity of specialists.

If you would like paper copies of any of the above information please contact our London office .