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Website Credits

The L – P website has been developed by Guy Hunt . The graphic design for the site is by Paula Carvalho of Coletivo . The site is maintained by all the staff at L – P, but with special credit to Emma Bentley .

Our aim in the production of the site has been to provide a clean, simple and intuitive website which is both standards compliant and beautiful. Content has been created by the entire L – P team using our Content Management System (see below).

This site has been developed using PHP and MySQL, it is entirely output in standards compliant XHTML 1.0 . We are committed to the development of open standards in all software development and so it seemed natural to make our site compliant to the highest available standard. The decision to use XHTML rather than HTML was based on the desire to migrate all of our website work to XML, thus paving the way for the next generation of archaeological data sharing technologies.

All layout and presentation is accomplished using CSS . A number of hacks have been included to make the site display correctly in uncompliant browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend the use of a standards compliant browser such as Firefox.

A large section of the site has been developed using Textpattern an opensource content management system (CMS). This gives us a simple light framework for our content using PHP/MySQL. Other parts of the site make use of Mapserver and PHP code developed in house by L – P : Archaeology.

In addition to the publicly accessible areas of the website, we also have developed a downloads areas for clients to access reports and other documents in a secure manner. the project also invloved the construction of the L – P intranet which is a wiki.