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Guy Hunt

guy hunt

Qualifications:BA Archaeology, MIfA
Started at L - P:1999
Expertise:Project Management and Web Design

I was one of the founding partners of L – P : Archaeology in April 1999. I am based in our London office. I run some of our larger London based projects, and work on our digital projects.

I studied archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology (University College London). After graduation I worked in archaeological excavations at sites around the world. I started working for Lawson Price in 1999 where I worked for a short time before L – P : Archaeology was founded. I am a full corporate member of the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA).

My main archaeological interest is in Roman and Medieval London. I have run several excavations in London such as the Grange City Hotel at Prescot Street. and several others that you can see in our case studies section.

I am one of the developers of ARK the Archaeological Recording Kit. This is an open source system for recording, management and dissemination of archaeological data online.

I am an archaeological photographer, with an interest in recording the things around us as we do fieldwork. I exhibited photographs at TAG USA in May 2011 and have a book of photographs available from Blurb.

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